on delegating ones way to startup success

Delegating to success

It started as a must have thing. I had constraints I could not work around, namely immigration. Its black and white.

So, it started. It started with Trust. Trust that this model can work. It has to. It has for others. Then, 2+2 = 5 model. What if, you could really practice it and be the best at it. What a super power that would be in the future. Then, and this is important, its about building Trust and praciticing it. Not as a guillible sap but rather as an astute observer of human nature. Also, there is always the trusty Kelly Criterion. Adjust as you go. Be aware of tail risks and hazard functions, and thats it really. Off we go.

It starts with delegating the very basic. Give someone a pitch doc, and have them generate your deck. $15 saves you hours. Worth it. Then start using voice notes. Get an EA in the PH and have her self create her own JD. Then get her to hire a designer. Then see if she can handle more. And then hire her — the old contract to hire model.

At the end of the day there are a few things I really, really need to delegate:

  • Engineering work on a day to day basis
  • Design work
  • EA work
  • Hiring work
  • Marketing work

For all of the above, this needs:

  • A clear results driven model that really does justice to everyone
  • Clearly laid out expectations, ideally in writing with versioning
  • A frequently testing approach which includes dogfooding whereever possible

This is an experiment, quite clearly. It tests a few old theories. Including my favorite one: Coase’s organizational theory . There are many issues: Boundary problems — where is the natural boundary in the system Coordinatioin costs Long term incentives More here — from my professor’s class(from NU), great read

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